Thursday, December 3, 2009

my 30 day pledge experience

I went to or org cant remember any way checked out the website read a book called Skinny B____ and decided to take a pledge to be meat free for 30 days. I wanted to explore how it will positivly affect me and how my body would feel. November 14th was my pledge start. Been about 18 days. I dont miss it and I feel great! My skin is feeling hydrated and smooth my digestive systems is very regular and I dont feel as tired all the time.

I did have two times where I really wanted to give in but I overcame my "craving" if you will and am still going strong. Now I will say after my 30 days I may only very ocassionally eat chicken and fish. Ask me more about this!


  1. Ok u have chinken and fish on ur meat free u siad sometimes u eat them is't those healhty for u?yah they r meat but healhty meats am i wrong? u tell me

  2. Those are really good healthy meats to eat, but our bodies take longer to digest them and some people choose not to eat them because of animal cruelty. There's a video on if you want to watch it or I should say if you are brave enough to watch it. It's definatly not for the weak at heart but it makes you rethink things. But yes there are healthy meats, and eating them occasional is actually better and healthier for us then eating them at every meal. Our bodies crave the vitamins and nutrients that veggies give us more so then the protein that we get from meats. Those are just my thoughts :) I'm going to be doing the same thing with my family. We are going to only eat 1 meat meal a week and the rest will be a vegetarian type meal. I want to see and feel the difference it makes.

  3. Chicken and fish I will only eat occasionally after my 30 day no meat pledge.