Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working with tofu!

ok so I had to give tofu a try. Its extreamly healthy a great substitute for meat/dairy type foods. Didnt like it. Still made jaden eat it (he was to young to know better he was only 1 at the time). Gave it another try. Still didnt like it. Then I learned more about it and how to work with it. I am all about textures in my mouth if it feels wierd I wont eat it. Pudding, oatmeal, frog eye salad, ya cant and wont eat it. Tofu was wierd in my mouth wasnt going for it. But like I said I learned to work with it and make it YUMMY! here is some things I learned

  • sold in small amounts kinda a bummer

  • about three different kinds all different ways to use it

  • leftover tofu should be rinsed and covered with fresh water for storage you have to change the water daily to keep it fresh, and use the tofu within a week

  • can be added to almost any dish!

  • can be marinated for flavor and seasoned for flavor

There are many more ways I will be exploring this soybean curd

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