Thursday, December 3, 2009

health and happiness journey begins

So health is very imortant to me and i want a healthy life for me and for my family and feeling happy with my self is imparitive to my life for me and my family :) so I want to start this blog to help me on my life long journey of being healthy and happy and I want to share with you how I am and will be accomplishing that. Maybe I can be an example for others maybe ill just be someone interesting to follow! But my goal is to have something that I can write down and post my journey on so that I may keep doing it for myself. So it begins! This blog with be for health happiness and family.


  1. well i think this will help ur family and to be healthy n happy in life.i hope i can to

  2. This got me thinking should i eat less meats and more greens?For some people it might b hard cuz all there lives they been eating meat,to stop just like tat it 's not easy mayb taken't slowy.i do lov meat